Woman on smartphone looking at screenIn Caring’s Digital Marketing Academy webinar presentation, “Social Media Marketing for Senior Living: How to Adapt to Changing Consumer Behavior”, the featured presenter Kent Lewis of Anvil Media shared the following list of resources to support senior living communities in learning more about the 10 post-pandemic social media strategies.

COVID-19 changed consumer behavior and marketing strategy

Ten Marketing Communications Strategies to Navigate the COVID-19 Crisis

The great consumer shift: Ten charts that show how US shopping behavior is changing

Podcast for Closers: How coronavirus has changed consumer behavior

How the Pandemic Has Changed My Behavior

Omnichannel marketing in the new digital age

How You and Your Brand can make Positive Change in honor of George Floyd

How to Connect with a Remote Team and Build Loyalty Through a Pandemic

Five leadership strategies for navigating crisis

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy: Pure Purpose

How to build your personal brand via public relations

How to Leverage Virtual Events for Marketing in 2021

Podcasting strategies for quarantine life and beyond

4 major trends for digital marketing in 2021

Kent also offered a free assessment of senior living communities’ current online presence – contact Anvil Media to learn more.

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