On our recent “Town Hall” webinar with members of Caring’s Family Advisor team, attendees had the opportunity to ask questions about how best to leverage our partnership. We’ll cover a few of the most common ones in a series of blog posts. Please subscribe to the blog if you’d like to be notified as they get posted.

One of the more common questions we got on our recent Town Hall webinar was, “How can I get reviews on my listing?” It’s clear how important reviews are, if you want to get leads and move-ins or new clients. We’ve seen much higher conversion rates (on the same leads!) for partners with 15 or more reviews on their listing, compared to the conversion rate for partners with only a few reviews, or none at all. Read Our Reviews

Family Advisors use reviews, too; I’ve heard them say things like, “I have a lovely community in your area. It has ten great reviews, would you like to stop by for a visit?”

So how do you get reviews on your listing? Just ask.

Here’s one scenario in a residential community:

Adult Daughter (to Sales Director): “We’re so happy now that Mom is living here! I wish we’d moved her in two years ago.”

Sales Director: “That’s so nice to hear. Would you be willing to post that nice comment as an online review? It would help other families make the right decision for their loved ones, too.

Then the Sales Director can just email a link to the “Write a Review” form for the specific listing on Caring.com. If you don’t know how to get to the Write a Review form, here’s a screen shot for you:


Here’s another scenario:

Husband (to home care agency owner on assessment visit): “I’m so grateful to you for sending Minnie to sit with Barbie so I can get out of the house! You’ve given me my life back.

Agency Owner: “Oh, Mr. Gregory, that’s great to hear. Would you be willing to write a quick online review of our services? It would help other families who aren’t sure home care is for them to make a good choice. “

Husband: “I’m not very good with computers.”

Agency Owner (pulling out a Caring.com review postcard): “Oh, that’s OK, you can just write down what you want to say on this postcard and mail it back to Caring.com. Here, let me write in the name and location of our agency, so they can post it to the right place.”

Caring.com provides senior housing and non-medical in-home care partners with postage-paid reply postcards, because we know that some of your clients don’t feel as confident posting reviews on a website. Need more postcards? Ask your Account Executive, or send a note to ClientServices@Caring.com.

Scenario 3: Let others do it for you.

This is the easiest of all. If you’re a home care agency, sign up for the customer satisfaction survey program offered by Home Care Pulse. As their questioners are going through their survey, they’ll ask people if it’s OK to post their answers as a review on Caring.com. You don’t have to do anything, plus you’ll gain valuable insights into your business from the survey.

While it may feel a little awkward at first to ask for reviews, if you let people know that their comments will help other families struggling to make good choices during a sometimes confusing and upsetting process (which is true, after all!) most people are happy to do it.

The best time to ask for a review is near the start of service, or about 3-4 weeks into a resident’s stay. That’s when families are most likely to give positive feedback. I’ve heard of clients slipping a review postcard into the final bill, but for one thing, just after they’ve written a big check isn’t the optimal time for people to say nice things about you, and for another thing, the end of service can be a very sad time (if it means the person is entering hospice, for instance), or else the family just wants to put that difficult situation behind them, and in either case it isn’t as conducive to generating glowing five-star reviews.

Set a goal to get two reviews each month for the first year, and one review per month thereafter. Surely you have one or two happy clients each month?

Do you have tactics that work to generate reviews? Let us know! Post a comment below so that others can share your insight. And if you need more information on generating and responding to reviews, we have a whole section of the blog that covers exactly this topic. Plus, we are hosting a webinar on reviews in March, so sign up now and we’ll send you a reminder closer to the date.

Read our earlier posts answering questions on how to get more leads from Caring.com and on how many times you should call our referrals, or listen to the entire Town Hall webinar.

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