Cura Care LogoWhen Frank Klan, founder of Cura Care, decided to upgrade his marketing strategies, he turned toward the Internet to search for referral sources. Stumbling onto Caring. com’s website, Klan saw a new way to help market his business. Klan is “a cautious person” and, being someone who thoroughly researches before making any big business decisions, he took the time to figure out what was all about. After talking several times to Membership Advisors and learning what beneficial marketing strategies offers, he decided to partner with Since making that decision, Klan is completely happy with it and says he is a “customer for life.”

Providing Optimal Customer Service for Directory Members

Customer service is a big part of why Frank Klan is so happy with With other Internet referral companies, it would sometimes take weeks to hear back from a representative. Klan says he always receives prompt replies to his questions from, however, and he never feels like his business is not important to the representatives there. He loves the phone call interactions and the personal attention he receives. He had help designing his directory listing and says the client reviews on his listing are a huge bonus. For him, it is very important to have what clients are saying about Cura Care on his listing, but he doesn’t always have the time to reach out and get reviews. He “really likes how calls individual clients and phone interviews them for reviews” on his listing. That’s just one more reason why Klan says he is “very happy with his experience with”

Tech-Savvy Tools Bring Faster Leads

In Klan’s opinion, what sets apart from other companies — besides customer service — is technology. Before partnering with, Klan had marketed Cura Care with other Internet referral companies. Most often, leads would take days to make their way to his desk, and, a lot of the time, those leads were not very reliable. What Klan loves about is the way in which leads are almost instantly brought to his attention. Fast-paced technology enables him to receive alerts on his smartphone when someone wants more information on Cura Care. Klan can then reach out to that possible new client within hours instead of days. He also says they are reliable referrals of clients who are truly interested in finding out more about Cura Care.

A Yearly Membership Will Pay for Itself in the First Quarter

On the more practical business side of his partnership with, Klan believes the ease with which membership with is paid makes it a more convenient business decision. Paying one yearly membership fee is easier than paying monthly dues. He also feels that after having his business with for only three months, the number of referral leads he has received has already more than paid for his membership fee. He has received eight referrals for new clients so far, and that is strictly from his directory listing. “It is well worth the money,” he says.

A Partnership That Provides All-Around Marketing

Frank Klan is a genuine endorser of and the Senior Care Directory because of the personal experience he has had with these services over the last few months. He has stopped all outside marketing, because everything is taken care of already with and his listing. He sees a continued future with and is ready to tell everyone about it – he even wants prospective members of Caring. com to call him! While just beginning to reap the benefits of partnering with Caring. com, Klan sees continued success and could not be more pleased with his decision to list with

About Cura Care Home Health

Cura Care Home Health is a leader in medical and nonmedical care. Staff is bonded, insured, drug tested, background checked, CPR certified, and TB tested. They assist clients with activities of daily living. Cura Care GPS- verifies that staff is on time, and the site’s online family portal. They have been a featured provider in the customer since December 2013 and are located in Mason, Ohio.  

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