Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 4.24.52 PM“Sign up today, immediately!” says Navin Walia, executive director of Marymount Greenhills Retirement Center, a beautiful senior care facility located in northern California. Advertising and exposure are an important part of any business model, and when Navin took the step to partner with more than two years ago, he was pleasantly surprised by the quality and commitment he received.  

Quality Service Means a High Return on Investment
Navin originally heard about through a simple phone call. An outreach call by a team member led Navin to create a senior directory listing for Marymount Greenhills and, more than two years later, he remains happy with that decision. He believes that’s annual subscription fee is a big positive, as is the great communication he receives. His membership adviser not only is able to quickly answer any questions he might have but has also been invaluable in setting up a great listing for his facility. Navin really did not have to do much work at all in creating his listing; the team took care of most details for him and his facility. He is also happy with the way has maintained his directory listing and is pleased he does not have to do much work on it.

Quality Prospects and a Speedy Response Brings Move-ins to the Door
While other forms of advertising might lead a potential resident to hear about a retirement community but go nowhere,’s leads are of substance. Navin says that valuable leads, especially in the past few months, have led to tours and, ultimately, new clients. Within a month of receiving information from, potential residents and their families come to tour Marymount Greenhills. Navin makes sure to ask them how they heard of his facility, and they reply, “!” Most take the step to become a part of his community and move in within the month. Navin believes that Marymount Greenhills’ “care, quality, and pricing” are what ultimately make people want to move in, but is what brings them to his door.

Stand-out Communication and Quality Assurance From an Advisor
Navin stands by the quality work and commitment has for his facility. He enjoys the ease of an annual subscription instead of monthly fees or pay-by-lead fees. Each senior care directory listing has its own membership advisor, and Navin is extremely pleased with the communication and attention his advisor pays to his facility. He encourages anyone who is considering partnering with to do so. He could not be happier with his decision. 

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