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How do I get my community/agency listed on Caring.com?

Caring.com is a free senior care directory, so it’s likely your community is already listed. To ensure that the information on your listing is accurate and optimized for referrals, you can contact our directory team at (866) 824-9202.

How do you charge for leads you send to us?

For senior living communities: we currently have a contract that is set with the community to charge either a referral fee or a subscription advertising rate. For home care agencies: we now offer contracts on a cost-per-lead basis.

How much does this cost?

Cost depends on location, type of senior care or housing provided, and length of program. Contact us and we can give you specific costs for your type of business: (833) 415-0214

Can we edit our information once it is up on your site?

Our referral partners in senior housing have access to the Partner Portal where you can edit your listing information, such as rates, photos, and more. Need help getting into the Partner Portal? Please contact our Client Services team. (We’re currently developing a similar tool for our home care agency partners — details to be announced.)

All others: Please contact our directory team to update your listing’s information.

How does Caring.com generate leads?

Caring.com generates leads through various channels. We have about 3 million unique visitors to our website per month and a certain percentage of those visitors organically visit our directory wanting to contact a local senior living community or in-home care agency. We also buy keywords on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing in order to generate leads. And we’re partnered with sites like AARP to power the senior care directory search on their website. Our huge social media presence has been another great source of leads. Besides these, we also have targeted email campaigns, educational webinars and third party partnerships that contribute handsomely to our lead generation efforts.

How many leads can we expect to receive monthly?

Quantity of leads depends largely on location, type of care provided, and how many consumer reviews you have. Please contact us so we can provide you with online traffic and average leads in your local market: (866) 824-9209.

What kind of reports do you send us?

For our senior housing partners: Reporting is available in the Partner Portal. We also send out a monthly lead report each month, showing all open leads sent to a chain or a community for verification and your own lead follow-up and move-in reporting.

For in-home care agency partners: Please contact your account executive via (833) 415-0214.

Some of your leads do not respond back to my calls or emails. Why is that?

There are many times when a prospect just wants to be contacted by one channel of follow-up such as an email, due to a variety of factors (i.e. work, trying to place a spouse or loved one that lives with them, travel schedule). Do your best to get in touch periodically and leave the prospect to respond on their own time. If you leave a good impression, they will come to you when they are ready to progress the conversation.

What is a tracking phone number and how does it work?

We want the results of your listing on our site to be as transparent as possible, so you know the return on your investment. In order for us to track the number of calls made by consumers after seeing your listing on our site, we use a tracking phone number. The number will be slightly different from your office line, but when someone dials it, it will seamlessly transfer to your office. On the backend, we will be able to report on how many calls were generated on a monthly basis.

I see there are ratings and reviews on my Caring.com listing. How does that program work?

Numerous studies across industries — including Caring.com’s own research studies of Boomer women — have shown that online reviews can have a significant impact on consumer research and purchase behavior. We were among the first websites to host consumer reviews about senior care providers, and with more than six years of leading experience in this area, are now the top source for senior care reviews, with thousands of new consumer reviews added every month. We offer many resources to support senior care providers in understanding and harnessing this type of online word-of-mouth, including support for generating reviews and managing your online reputation. See the Reviews tab on this blog as a starting point, and/or contact our reviews team.

How do I respond back to a negative review on my listing?

Any senior care provider listed on Caring.com has the opportunity to respond to any reviews published on their listing. If you feel a review of your services or community is inaccurate, unjust, or not meeting review policies and guidelines, you can contact us to dispute a specific review by e-mailing our reviews team. You also have the option to post an official Provider Response to any review on your listing.

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