In this new series on our industry blog, we’ll highlight some of the many wonderful professionals we have in the role of family advisor at — who are helping families and older adults find the best match for their senior care needs.

Howard Ladron

Howard Ladron family advisor, Howard Ladron is known for being smart, professional, and compassionate. He consistently meets consumer requirements, provider expectations, and company goals — bringing to his position a mix of sales skills, business sense, industry knowledge, hard work, and compassion.

In his words, from a recent interview:

Howard most enjoys the feedback he receives from people he’s been able to help. “I do not look at this as a job. It pays the bills, but what it is to me is an opportunity to really make a difference in people’s lives.”

He engages senior care searchers through honesty and transparency. “I make people feel they matter and that someone is there to listen and help them. Doing this, you will immediately begin building trust and integrity. Being a great listener broadens my perspective, and that helps in discovery. This will uncover the underlying purpose for their call. I ask relevant and thought-provoking questions that lead to a solution. I engage with empathy, genuineness, and positive regard.”

Howard stresses the importance of taking tours of senior living communities. “Everyone tours the community they move into. I am doing them a disservice by not advising them to tour, experience a community, and speak to someone who is able to complete their pursuit…If I do not ask my client to tour, they may never discover a higher quality of life…I help people envision themselves in a community and the benefits of being there.”

Read more of Howard’s interview — download the PDF now.


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Denise Graab

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