…Well, nothing in life is ever guaranteed. But on our recent webinar, my colleague Denise Graab mentioned an almost-guaranteed way to ask for and get a five-star rated review on your Caring.com listing.

Here’s the way to remember:




Caring.com offers our partners various ways to get reviews, including offline methods like postcards and phone calls, but the quickest and easiest way to ensure great, thorough reviews on your listing is to email your clients’ and residents’ family members your own dedicated link from your listing. Note – you don’t have to be a paid client to do this!

First, find your own dedicated link. Go to Caring’s Local directory, select the type of care you provide, and enter your city and state. When you get the list of results, scroll down until you find your business listing (unless you’re a home care agency with a lot of reviews already, and then you’ll be at the top of the list).

Now, look for the link that says Write a Review. Click on that, and copy the URL from the browser. You can email this to take people directly to your review submission form when you ASK.

Now let’s get back to REMIND, ASK, MATCH.

Think of someone who recently complimented you on your service – even a little thing (Google calls these “micro-moments” and we talked about them in the webinar). Take a minute now to pull up an email message to them.

  • First, REMIND them of the compliment, so that the positive “micro-moment” is in their mind.
  • Next, ASK them if they’d be willing to post an online review to help other families make a good choice for their loved ones (that’s really important because people are motivated to help others).
  • Finally, MATCH them with the right review site and send them a direct link to that site’s review submission form.

How to Match

Different review sites have different criteria for posting reviews, and you’ll have more success getting an actual review if you carefully evaluate your request.

Google – while they aggregate reviews from other sites (including Caring.com!), they also allow people to post on Google itself. But, in order to post a Google review, you must have a Google identity, and setting that up is complicated enough that no one except your mother will take the time to do that just to post a review. If someone has a Gmail email address, then they already have a Google identity and you can ask them to post directly to Google. If not, don’t risk it, match them elsewhere.

Yelp – despite clear research showing that Boomer women do not trust Yelp reviews, many of our partners are still convinced that Yelp is a-have review site. But in order to post a Yelp review, you must be “verified” as a reviewer and you must have “friends” for your Yelp profile. If you’re missing these, Yelp often flags the review as suspect (especially if it is five stars) and puts it in a hold queue rather than displaying it. It’s an unusual Boomer woman who has a verified Yelp identity so asking your residents’ adult daughters to post a Yelp review is often a waste of time. In fact, about 80% of Yelp’s users in the United States are under age 54, and 40% of those folks are under age 34. And since many young people frequently review restaurants and bars on Yelp, the adult or teen grandchildren of your residents are probably better matches to post Yelp reviews.

Caring.com – Yes, I’m biased, but Caring.com has several things going for it. First, you don’t need an “identity” or profile to post a review, anyone may do so as long as they provide us with some means of contacting them if questions arise later. Second, our reviews are processed by actual humans, not algorithms, so we pick up nuances like HIPAA compliance that are important to health care providers but may go unnoticed by machines. Finally, our reviews show up all over the web – everywhere from Knowledge Panels on Google.com to the AARP.org co-branded senior care directory.

Whichever review site you MATCH that person with, be sure to include a link directly to the review submission form, following the instructions I posted above.

Here’s a model email you can use. Feel free to borrow, but do customize the text to make it as personal as possible.

For more ideas on making the most of online reviews and reputation management, listen in on our webinar recording or peruse the slides that we posted for your convenience.

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