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How can I improve the conversion rates on the leads sends?

How can Caring’s Family Advisors get to know my community if they don’t come visit it?

CallCenter_Family AdvisorWe hear these questions often from senior living communities new to our referral network. We want to send you the right families to move into your communities, and we don’t want to send you people who aren’t a match. To capture your feedback, we’ve tried hard to give you multiple ways to communicate with us so that we send you the right families and prospective residents.

Here are five tips to optimize conversion for the referrals we send you:

  1. Improve Financial Qualification with Latest Rate Data: If we’re sending you families who can’t afford your services, it could be that we have out-of-date information about your rates. Our Partner Portal makes it quick and easy to update your rates (if you need a login, send a note to You can also send us an email if that’s easier. In addition to your starting-at rates, give us a sense of what an average resident pays at each level of care. That way we can make better matches.
  1. Refine Your Geographic Profile on File with Us: Some communities offer specialized care, unique amenities, or other services that mean families will happily drive 20+ miles to place their loved one there. In certain areas, though (like California, where I live), it could take an hour to travel just a few miles, especially at rush hour. If your residents mostly come from close by, tell us and we’ll adjust the radius within which your community appears in our advisor search tool. Use the PROVIDE FEEDBACK button that’s part of every referral email we send, to let us know if a family we refer is outside your service area.
  1. Clarify Care Provided: When you first set up your listing with, we asked you to identify the care levels you offer – from completely independent to late-stage dementia requiring a locked memory area. If we’re sending you people who are too acute for your community, we can opt out of referrals for some of the higher care levels – or vice versa. If you notify us when a referral is inappropriate using the PROVIDE FEEDBACK button, we’ll make the care-level adjustments on your profile with us (which is what our family advisors use to guide their community suggestions to families).
  1. Stand Out as “Consumers’ Choice”: At, we only refer people who agree to have their information sent to community X, Y, or Z. So help us convince them to choose you! The best way to do this is to have lots of positive consumer reviews on your listing, since listings with lots of reviews can get up to a 5X higher conversion rate on the exact same referrals.
  1. Share the Info Senior Care Searchers Want: Make sure we have your prices, which are the top request by consumers visiting, and considering including them on the public listing you have in our directory. Multiple studies have shown that consumers specifically seek out cost information when researching products and services online, and it’s true for senior care searchers as well. Compelling photos are also particularly popular — make sure your listing is showcasing the best visuals to convey how special your community is.

Our partnership is one that is ongoing and we know that your needs may change over time. But we can’t help you well if we don’t know about those changes. Please do communicate with us as often as needed to ensure the greatest outcomes from our partnership: or (866) 824-9202.

We also have a range of tips on our partner blog:


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