On our recent “Town Hall” webinar with members of Caring’s Family Advisor team, attendees had the opportunity to ask questions about how best to leverage our partnership. We’ll cover a few of the most common ones in a series of blog posts. Please subscribe to the blog if you’d like to be notified as they get posted.

One of the more common questions we got on our recent Town Hall webinar was, “How many times should I call your leads?” This also came up on our webinar about best practices for converting Internet referrals.

During that webinar, I put up this chart, containing data from Caring’s mystery shop clients:
Speed to Lead

Translation: Communities that make three call attempts in the first hour after receiving a referral from Caring.com convert our leads twice as frequently (102%) compared to the baseline conversion rate. Making three call attempts within 72 hours also increases conversion rate over the baseline, but only 1/3 as much.

So the answer to the question is, for optimal results, you should call three times in the first hour.

I got some pushback on the webinar on this statement. That seems really intrusive, one of our partners said. Well, yes. But if your goal is to convert as many leads as possible, then the data indicate that you should call that frequently, even if it is intrusive.

Now, those three calls were placed to Caring mystery shop leads, which we purposely designed to be great prospects. According to the family advisor notes (which were made up – it was a mystery shop, after all), the “prospect” had an urgent need to quickly find a community for her mother. If the notes indicate that the person is not a serious shopper, you might not want to spend your time calling. On the webinar, we also talked about a referral where the prospective resident suffered from chronic jaw pain and could not easily talk on the phone, so that would be someone you might call once, and then follow up later by email. I encourage you to use good judgment rather than an iron-clad rule in your sales efforts.

But the data are clear. If you want the most move-ins you can get from the referrals we send you, call three times in the first hour, whenever you can.

To hear the full discussion on lead handling best practices, watch our webinar recording or view the slides. Read our earlier post on how to get more leads from Caring.com, or listen to the entire Town Hall webinar. For home care agencies, you may also be interested in our series, “They Never Call Me Back.”

Katie Roper

This article was written when Katie Roper was Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Caring.com. She's now a contributing author on this blog, as principal at Catenary Consulting.

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