I’m finally getting through all the email that backed up over my recent vacation, and I read with interest this “Engage Boomers” blog post on Confessions of a Middle Age Millennial. In a nutshell, it says “Boomers” are increasingly behaving like stereotypical “Millennials,” meaning they want instant gratification online on their smart phones (or tablets), and they want to be in control of all interaction.Middle Age Millennial

Earlier, I had read my friend Steve Moran’s post on his frustration trying to find information on a senior housing community online (I read that one first because it mentions us!). He wanted to know pricing and availability of a room for his mom, information he can easily find on hotels, airlines, cruise ships, trains, and most other things you search for. But for senior housing, he had to call a salesperson, wait on hold, and then leave a voicemail so that the she could call him back “at my earliest convenience.”

At HER earliest convenience? As Boomers come to behave more like Millennials, you better be contacting them at THEIR earliest convenience – and that means putting your pricing information on your website and answering the phone when they call.

Of course, I shouldn’t be telling you this, because one of the big reasons that people searching for senior care call a company like Caring.com is that we answer the phone immediately and then transparently explain to the caller how much senior housing will cost. If more senior housing partners did that, we’d be out of luck. But we know how hard and expensive it is to do it well, so I feel OK about posting this.

When you search for any sort of information online, do you expect to find the price? How do you feel when you can’t find it? Do you call the company, or do you hit the back button and check out the next website in the Google search results to see if maybe they have the information online right now? I know what I do…I guess that makes me a Middle Age Millennial, too.

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