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Resources to Learn about Senior Care Ratings & Reviews is the top source for senior living and senior care reviews online — with 265,000+ senior living community and in-home care agency reviews posted by family caregivers and older adults, and thousands added every month.

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Caring Stars – Recognizing Best Senior Care Providers Nationwide

The Caring Stars award program honors service excellence based on consumer ratings and reviews in the Directory. Senior living communities and home care agencies achieve the “Caring Stars” award through lots of high praise from family caregivers and older adults — and by responding to any critical feedback as well.

Launched in 2012 as the first of its kind in the senior living industry, and recognized in the 2013 National Mature Media Awards, the Caring Stars program is designed to help consumers make the best senior care selections. The program also provides feedback about consumer preferences. Each year, winners are profiled in local and business press, receive specialized marketing materials, get featured on and in social media, and are congratulated by industry experts and their peers.

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