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“I Can’t Believe I Hadn’t Signed Up Sooner”

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James Bender of Vista Montana Senior Living (independent living and assisted living in Hemet, CA) was initially hesitant to partner with because he incorrectly thought he’d be paying for duplicate leads.

“I was pretty skeptical, because I assumed and its competitor would have the same families looking online, and there would be a lot of duplicate leads,” he said.

James Bender of Vista Montana Senior Living

James Bender

Partnered with for less than a month, he’d already achieved three move-in deposits with more expected.

“I’ve been blown away with the amount and quality of the leads from I can’t believe I hadn’t signed up sooner.”

Digital Marketing Kudos: Holiday Retirement Helps Families Overcome Senior Living Misconceptions

Among the fundamentals of good sales and marketing is to get to know your audience well and then use that information to overcome their most common objections. This month we give Digital Marketing Kudos to Holiday Retirement for exemplifying both of these principles.

Recognizing the role of “Baby Boomers” in researching senior living communities for their aging parents, and understanding that they’re doing a lot of the information gathering online, Holiday Retirement commissioned an online survey to better understand Baby Boomers concerns about senior living and uncover related misconceptions. Holiday Retirement then turned the survey findings into a helpful e-book for families, “Overcoming Misconceptions: 7 Concerns about Senior Living to Erase from Your Mind.”

The e-book weaves the data from the online survey into a practical guide that’s visually easy to scan (not too text-heavy or overwhelming) and has very actionable tips. It can also be printed as a handout in tours of their communities, or shared among prospective residents’ family members via email.
Reaching beyond their own communities’ walls, Holiday Retirement also shared what they learned with others in the industry via some great coverage on Senior Housing News. And they’re in process of getting the e-book and key findings out to as many Baby Boomers as possible, including those who read the Huff/Post 50 blog. It’s also worthy to note that they released the market data and e-book during the busiest month of the senior living search season — great timing for this excellent information.

Well done, Holiday Retirement!

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Digital Marketing Kudos – A New Blog Series

In our Digital Marketing Academy each month since its launch in 2014, we have focused on providing the latest data, best practices, and expert guidance to help senior living communities, home care agencies and other senior care providers reach today’s online consumer. Now we’re excited to add another feature to the mix: Digital Marketing Kudos, a blog post series recognizing those in our industry who are doing digital marketing in ways worth noticing and emulating.
This isn’t a formal award program like Caring Stars or The Webby Awards, and the praise isn’t limited to big budget campaigns or comprehensive programs. Instead it’s just one simple way to showcase great examples of digital marketing to inspire more great examples of digital marketing in senior care — and good digital deeds of all sizes can be recognized.

The collection of Digital Marketing Kudos will be included on this page (with links added below as new posts launch). Have one to suggest we cover? Submit a Digital Marketing Kudos story now.


Digital Marketing Kudos:

  • Holiday Retirement Helps Families Overcome Misconceptions
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