Immediately after our family advisors get off the phone with a senior living searcher matched to one or more of our referral partner’s communities, sends a lead or tour alert via email to the community’s staff on file to receive those referrals. Speed-to-lead is obviously important for reaching and converting prospects into new residents — but did you know that your speedy response to that lead can also save your community money if that prospect is already in your community’s pipeline from another referral source?

When a family caregiver or older adult needs to find a senior living community, it’s not uncommon for that senior care searcher to research their options through multiple sources, including submitting inquiries for information on more than one website. That’s why it’s an industry-standard practice that communities report duplicates to their referral sources, and why we at Caring make it super easy for our partners to do so.

As part of the referral contract,’s senior living referral partners agree to report lead duplicates within five (5) business days of the lead send date,, or within deadline set forth in the partner’s contract with Caring. See the timestamp on the lead or tour alert email, or note the duplicate reporting deadline included in those lead/tour alerts as well.

If our partners don’t report to us before the deadline that the lead is a duplicate, we proceed with our standard billing once that prospect moves in, and our partners are responsible for paying the associated referral fee for that move-in. Thus, when a referral that has sent you is already a pre-existing lead in your community’s database, it’s very important that you report the lead as a duplicate ASAP (within 5 business days) to avoid a scenario in which your community pays more than one referral source for the move-in.

How to Report Lead Duplicates to
In every lead or tour alert email, we include a link to “Report Duplicate” by the deadline for that lead. You’ll need to click that link (or button) to report the duplicate — Please do not hit “reply” via text-based email as this will not register the lead as a duplicate in our system. Instead, we need to you to click the link and enter the Partner Portal to report the duplicate lead data we require.

If you’re not already using the Partner Portal, please get in touch with our Partner Success staff for help accessing this valuable tool to track your leads and move-ins, and manage your referral account with us.

After you click the “Report Duplicate” link/button in the lead or tour alert email, you’ll land on a Partner Portal page that asks you to complete three (3) fields:

  • Your email address — so we formally document who on your team is reporting the duplicate
  • Date you received the lead from a different referral source — using the calendar pop-up in the reporting tool to specify the exact date you originally received that lead from a different source than
  • Original lead source — selecting from the drop-down menu which source gave you the lead originally (before did), or by choosing “Other” if you don’t see the name of the original source in the menu options

Here’s a 5-minute video that takes you step by step through the process of reporting lead duplicates to

Once you’ve filled out the reporting fields completely, you’ll receive a confirmation message via email.

Remember: if you don’t take these steps within 5 days of the lead being sent to you, your community will be responsible for the referral fees to if/when that prospect moves in — even if you paid another referral source as well.

Have questions, suggestions or feedback for us? We’d love to hear from you! Contact Partner Success now.

Denise Graab

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