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Jun 06, 2022

How to Convert Online Leads for Senior Living
Katie Massing

The number of online searches for senior living and senior care has increased significantly within the past decade, up to

15,500 online searches per hour

as of late 2021. helps senior living communities get in front of online searchers through a portfolio of high-ranking senior living websites.Our expertise in digital partnerships has shown us the best practices that leading communities follow when it comes to converting online leads. 

To support your community in better competing online, here are our top four tips for converting online leads into new senior living residents:

Adapt to the “Modern Day Drive-By”

Historically, a first step for the decision-making process was to drive by the physical community. The landscaping, lobby decor, and a smiling receptionist were all factors in whether the community made a positive first impression. 

With more and more seniors and their loved ones beginning their search online, they may rule out or add a community to the top of their list before ever stepping on the property — based simply on what they found online. Are you putting the right amount of care and attention into the online experience to ensure your prospective residents and their family members have a positive first impression?

Optimize Your Online Presence

By maximizing and maintaining a positive online presence for your community, you are opening the door – physically and digitally – for potential residents. Maximize your online presence by ensuring your community appears wherever care seekers are searching. 

Caring’s portfolio of websites rank for generic searches, such as “retirement homes,” where consumers go early in their process to learn about different care options and compare providers. And, the best practices for optimizing your profile on a site like can also be applied to optimizing your website. 

These best practices include adding professional-looking community photos and providing a detailed list of your amenities and services. While several factors go into your pricing for residents, providing estimated ranges online can help a prospective resident determine if your community is within their budget. Your website or online listing acts as a digital salesman and should entice and help qualify potential residents. 

Finally, consistency is key. Make sure the branding and information on your directory listing matches what is shown on your website, Google Business Profile, or anywhere else you are digitally advertising.

Build a Strong Sales Process

If you’re struggling to convert online leads, take a broader view of your sales process. 

First, remember they are a lead, not a guaranteed move-in. They may be early into their research journey and are likely considering multiple communities. The best way to help potential residents come to a decision is through compassion. By listening to their situation and learning about them as a person, you are able to determine how best to follow through and serve their needs. 

The biggest key is follow through. Unable to reach a new lead on the first call? Try again, and again. Approximately 80% of sales are finalized after more than five touch points! 

Get Reviews & Manage Your Online Reputation

Reviews are pivotal in today’s world, and it’s not just with younger generations. 71% of U.S. adults 55 and over read online reviews of businesses. On average they read 7 reviews before they can trust a business. 

Not only are reviews important in attracting more inquiries, they’re also very influential in driving higher lead conversion. Among many partner reviews case studies Caring has conducted: the data showed that community listings with more than 15 reviews average close to 8 times more move-ins compared to communities with little to no reviews.

The pandemic has increased online usage and the popularity of consumer reviews. At Caring, for instance, we published 60% more reviews in 2021 compared to 2020. 

In addition to hosting consumer reviews, Caring also supports communities in responding to reviews — whether negative, positive, or in-between.

When your future residents go online, don’t lose their interest to competitors in your area. Follow these best practices and others to ensure you’re found and best represented online.


Looking for ways to boost your community's digital curb appeal? We can help. Contact or call (888) 808-0453 to learn how to enhance your listing as a new partner today.

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Dec 07, 2021

Best Senior Care: Caring Super Stars 2022
Denise Graab

The Caring Super Stars of 2022 for senior care are home care, home health care and hospice agencies who have earned the Caring Stars reviews award for 2022 plus two or more additional years since this award program expanded to include home care agencies in 2017, after being the first-of-its-kind for senior living communities since 2012. These are the repeatedly stellar home care agencies that seniors and their family members praise — year after year.

Caring Super Stars in Home Care for 2022

ALABAMA — 6 agencies

ARIZONA — 10 agencies

ARKANSAS — 4 agencies

CALIFORNIA — 39 agencies

COLORADO — 10 agencies

CONNECTICUT — 9 agencies


FLORIDA — 30 agencies

GEORGIA — 6 agencies

HAWAII — 1 agency

ILLINOIS — 15 agencies

INDIANA — 5 agencies

IOWA — 1 agency

KANSAS — 1 agency

KENTUCKY — 1 agency

LOUISIANA — 2 agencies

MAINE — 1 agency

MARYLAND — 7 agencies

MASSACHUSETTS — 10 agencies

MICHIGAN — 14 agencies

MINNESOTA — 3 agencies

MISSISSIPPI — 2 agencies

MISSOURI — 8 agencies

MONTANA — 1 agency

NEBRASKA — 1 agency

NEVADA — 4 agencies

NEW HAMPSHIRE — 3 agencies

NEW JERSEY — 11 agencies

NEW MEXICO — 1 agency

NEW YORK — 18 agencies

Right at Home North Shore Long Island

NORTH CAROLINA — 6 agencies

OHIO — 15 agencies

OKLAHOMA — 4 agencies

OREGON — 5 agencies

PENNSYLVANIA — 10 agencies

SOUTH CAROLINA — 4 agencies

TENNESSEE — 5 agencies

TEXAS — 26 agencies

UTAH — 7 agencies

VIRGINIA — 11 agencies

WASHINGTON — 5 agencies

WEST VIRGINIA — 1 agency

WISCONSIN — 9 agencies

Congratulations to these 333 home care agencies across the United States!

***See the full list of Caring Stars of 2022.


Nov 19, 2021

Best Senior Living: Caring Super Stars 2022
Denise Graab

The Caring Super Stars of 2022 are senior living communities who have earned the Caring Stars reviews award for 2022 plus two or more additional years since this first-of-its-kind program launched in 2012. These are the repeatedly stellar senior living communities that seniors and their family members praise — year after year.

Caring Super Stars in Senior Living for 2022

ALABAMA — 1 community

ARIZONA — 2 communities

ARKANSAS — 2 communities

CALIFORNIA — 24 communities

DELAWARE — 1 community

FLORIDA — 11 communities

GEORGIA — 5 communities

IDAHO — 1 community

ILLINOIS — 4 communities

INDIANA — 3 communities

IOWA — 2 communities

MAINE — 1 community

MARYLAND — 1 community

MASSACHUSETTS — 6 communities

MICHIGAN — 7 communities

MISSOURI — 4 communities

NEVADA — 1 community

NEW HAMPSHIRE — 1 community

NEW JERSEY — 3 communities

NEW YORK — 2 communities

NORTH CAROLINA — 1 community

OHIO — 3 communities

OKLAHOMA — 2 communities

PENNSYLVANIA — 5 communities

SOUTH CAROLINA — 2 communities

SOUTH DAKOTA — 1 community

TENNESSEE — 3 communities

TEXAS — 12 communities

UTAH — 6 communities

VIRGINIA — 2 communities

WASHINGTON — 2 communities

WISCONSIN — 1 community

Congratulations to these 122 senior living communities across the United States!

***See the full list of Caring Stars of 2022.


Nov 14, 2021

Caring Stars 2022 Criteria: How Senior Living Communities & Senior Care Agencies Earned the Award
Denise Graab

Caring Stars is a service excellence award and trustworthy annual list of the best senior living communities and senior care agencies based on consumer ratings and reviews on These top-rated senior living communities and in-home care agencies have a lot of great reviews, top ratings, recent reviews, and responses to all negative reviews too. Each year, uses a specific set of reviews-based criteria that the communities and agencies must meet in order to be considered for the award — and the bar is purposefully set high to ensure that the program continues to truly represent those communities and agencies best meeting the needs of seniors and their families.

We announced the 2022 list for senior living in mid-November 2021. Home care agency winners are announced in December.

To be considered for the longstanding and distinguished Caring Stars list for 2022, senior living communities, nursing homes, home care agencies, home health agencies, and hospice agencies must have met the following criteria:

● 10 or more consumer reviews published on their listing, with an overall average rating of 4.5 stars or higher (on a scale of 1 to 5) by October 15, 2021;

● 3 or more published reviews on their listing from 10/15/20 through 10/15/21, with at least one of the recent reviews being a 5-star review and one or more published in 2021; and

● Public-facing responses to any 1-star or 2-star negative reviews on the listing

In addition to the above qualifications, Caring conducts a reviews-integrity audit for every review on every finalist’s directory listing. Another quality-assurance measure Caring takes is to screen finalist senior living communities using available licensing and inspection reports on state agency websites.

Have questions about the Caring Stars criteria or the program in general? Please contact or (650) 762-8190.

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