If an adult child inquires for information about your senior community, make sure your sales teams jump!

At our recent Digital Marketing Academy webinar about Multi-Generational Marketing in Senior Living, we mentioned that after analyzing referrals made via our Senior Care Directory and senior housing helpline over the last four years, we found:

  • When the adult child fills out the online lead form and gets referred to a Caring.com partner community on behalf of a parent or in-law, the move-in rate is three (3) times higher than if the prospective resident/older adult made the online inquiry.
  • For independent living, the move-in rate is even higher: specifically it’s 3.5 times higher if the adult child makes the inquiry on their parent’s or in-law’s behalf.
  • For assisted living, the move-in rate is 2.5x higher if the adult child is inquiring.

These numbers clearly highlight the importance of marketing your services to the adult child, and prioritizing marketing channels that reach the most of these family caregivers – since according to the American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA), they are involved in 73% of all senior housing decisions.

If you missed our recent webinar, watch the recording for specific ways that our expert speakers from Anthem Memory Care and Juniper Communities are successfully marketing to both the prospective resident and the adult children, as well as get data from Varsity Branding. Watch the recording now, and do let us know if you have any questions.

For “data geeks” among you, check out our previous post on the power of tours in driving move-ins from online referrals, similarly based on data from Caring’s referrals.

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