newhopevalleyALRumi Shahzad, part owner at New Hope Valley Assisted Living Saginaw, Michigan, truly believes in the philosophy that each person’s life is a unique journey. He and the team of dedicated professionals who own New Hope Valley believe that life does not have to stop once a person has moved to an assisted living community. They want their residents to continue to live fulfilled lives. In an attempt to learn more about providing top-quality care to residents, Rumi researched and went to national trade show events. A meeting with at a trade show and a follow-up phone call by a member of the team later started Rumi, New Hope Valley Assisted Living, and on a lasting partnership.’s Online Reviews Are the “Key Difference” Among Other Referral Agencies

There are many things about the website and membership with that Rumi feels are invaluable. For one, online reviews make stand out among other referral agencies, in Rumi’s opinion. “It is the key difference,” he says. One of the main reasons Rumi has been very happy working with is because he believes testimonials from residents and family members about their experiences with his facility help potential clients see New Hope Valley’s true character and attributes. Anyone can write a positive write-up of their own business, but to have personal evaluations from clients makes the reviews authentic.

Great, Trustworthy Marketing at a Reasonable Cost

New Hope Valley Assisted Living hasn’t had to do a lot of marketing outside of their listing with Rumi believes that provides great, trustworthy marketing at a reasonable cost. With’s one-time yearly membership fee, more money can be spent on making a better quality of life for residents than on many different marketing avenues. Other facilities spend more money on marketing with the same result as one membership with Rumi and his team have been able to use their money in more direct ways, such as paying for enrichment programs and a highly popular community dinner event with the families and friends of residents.

Reviews Help Inform Prospective Clients About Their Options’s Senior Care Directory can also be a great tool to use in discussions with potential residents and their families. Rumi likes to reference and encourage prospective clients to go online and check out reviews of his facility as well as others. He wants people to be well informed on every decision they make for themselves and their loved ones. New Hope Valley Assisted Living’s website even has a link directing online research about assisted living to’s website. Brings New Business and Creates a Reliable Feedback Loop With Customers

“I highly recommend it, with no reservation,” says Rumi. He believes his facility’s partnership with has brought in more business and also improved the quality of life at New Hope Valley Assisted Living. He encourages anyone who is trying to decide whether to partner with to see it not only as a place for families to leave reviews for other prospective residents but also as a tool to improve facility management and workings. He advises signing up with, “if for no other reason than to create independent feedback so you can improve your business.” He would love to talk to anyone about his positive experience with

About New Hope Assisted Living
New Hope offers a wholesome assisted living alternative in a brand-new, 27,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art community spread over ten acres. Its mission is to create an energetic yet safe and comfortable environment. We honor the security, independence, and dignity of our residents. We believe that each person has his or her own panorama of rich life experiences, and a nurturing environment will celebrate the continuation of this panorama.


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