With 60% of the sales decision now done before a buyer ever contacts a vendor, increasing consumer blindness to ads, and longer decision cycles in senior care, “content marketing” should be a key element in your senior care marketing toolkit.

“You’ve got prospects who know very little about your services, it’s typically a long and emotional decision, and there are lots of different parties involved,” says Caring.com vice president, Katie Roper. “You can bug people over and over with phone calls, or you can offer them information that really helps them get through the decision — and of course, presents what your senior care services have to offer in the best possible light.”

Content marketing doesn’t have to be hard and expensive.

Content Made Simple

Content Made Simple

Add a blog to your website (and update it regularly), ask your clients and residents to post online reviews, and send informative emails regularly to your lead bank – and you’re doing some content marketing!

Yet, as a marketing partner to the senior care industry, we at Caring.com know that many senior living communities, home care agencies, and senior care service providers struggle with regularly generating great content that successfully builds customer relationships. They don’t have the time or resources to continually generate fresh, engaging articles or blog posts, and sometimes don’t even know where to begin or how to measure their efforts.

We can help.

In February 2016, as part of a content marketing webcast, we launched the “Content Made Simple” program to help senior care companies better reach and engage Baby Boomers and older adults cost-effectively through interesting, helpful, and timely content. The program includes a range of services:

  • CONTENT SPARKS: We share three (3) new thematic ideas each month that local senior care providers’ can turn into blog posts, website articles, and e-newsletter blurbs. The monthly content sparks are posted on this blog and also shared in our Caring Insights newsletter, and include a brief overview on the theme, as well as tips and resources to support production of the related content.
  • MEASUREMENT GUIDANCE: After you’ve written excellent content, and optimized it for search and social, you need to track its impact. Our Content Made Simple programming includes the best tactics for measuring content-sourced outcomes, including expert insights and case studies. For instance, in April 2016, we’ll cover best practices for email nurture campaigns, including how to measure their effectiveness.

The Content Made Simple program also includes the following additional services for our referral partners (directory advertising clients) only:

  • “EXPERT ROLODEX” OPPORTUNITIES — We’re regularly contacted by journalists seeking interviews with senior care experts, and our writers also need to speak with experts for stories we’re publishing on a range of senior living and senior care topics. Caring.com clients can submit their employees and experts for consideration when these content source opportunities arise. Sign up for Caring’s Expert Rolodex now.
  • CARING.COM ARTICLE REPRINTS — See an article on our site that is just perfect for your blog, website, or e-newsletter? Caring.com Clients can work with our Client Services and Editorial staff to make that same article available on your site, with proper attributions and usage permissions to ensure the collaboration is optimized for search and honors our copyrights.
  • ORIGINAL ARTICLE PRODUCTION — Sometimes you simply do not have the time to utilize our Content Sparks to write articles, nor the funding to hire an agency or writer to produce content for you. As part of the Content Made Simple program, you may qualify to have unique, original articles produced by Caring.com journalists for you. This is a service that’s available only to clients, with limited availability. Submit inquiry.

Not yet a referral client and want to take advantage of the client-only services in Content Made Simple? Contact a Directory Account Executive to learn more about how to partner with us: (866) 824-9202. Be sure to mention that you’re inquiring after reading this Content Made Simple overview.

Already a client and have questions about the Content Made Simple program? Please do get in touch with our team.

Denise Graab

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