Having a blog for your senior living community can be a great way to develop deeper relationships with your residents and their family members, while also attracting new prospective residents and families. But if the blog isn’t well organized and visually appealing, and doesn’t have relevant, helpful content, it won’t be as successful in reaching and engaging the target audience(s).

In this latest installment of our Digital Marketing Kudos series, we congratulate Atria Senior Living on a blog well done!B2B_DigitalMarketingKudos_Logo_Small

  • Great Content: Atria’s blog has 11 categories of content — linked right from the top of the blog homepage — that are easy to understand, interesting in what they cover, and not too self-promotional or sales-y in nature. From residents’ personal stories in the “Wit and Wisdom” section (dubbed “a new view on growing older”), to tax tips and driving warning signs in the “Caregiver Support” section, Atria Senior Living’s blog is rich with valuable information and heartwarming stories. They also cover popular topics like food and pets (“854 Adorable Dogs Call Atria Home!”), and include the occasional aging news items and company announcements as well.
  • Simple Yet Beautiful Design:Atria has done an excellent job using a clean visual format with many lovely good-sized photos to attract readers. Similar to the style of Pinterest (one of the more popular social networking platforms for Boomer women), the blog’s design enables the visitor/reader to scan story images and brief teasers for the published articles, then click to read the ones that most interest her/him.
  • Social Connections: Each post on the Atria blog offers the reader the ability to share the content to the top social networks, add a comment to join the conversation, or connect with Atria Senior Living’s social profiles. Many readers have taken the opportunity to comment on Atria’s blog, particularly to share encouragement and support for the featured residents.
  • Mobile Friendly: Smartphone usage is on the rise (including among older adults and their adult children), and Google’s search results now preference sites that are mobile friendly, so senior care blogs must be viewable and enjoyable on a mobile phone. Atria’s blog is just as easy to use on an iPhone as it is a desktop or laptop computer.

  • asl-logoWell done, Atria Senior Living! Your blog is a stellar example of how to use this type of social media to build offline relationships via the online world.

    For those inspired by Atria’s blog and want to try blogging on your own site, our Content Made Simple program can help you get started.

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    Denise Graab

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