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Stay current on shifts happening in the senior care industry. Learn the latest best practices for sales and marketing. Get helpful tips and insights and be inspired by success stories. See list of upcoming webinars below, or visit the Webinar Archive for materials from prior sessions.

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Attendee Feedback from Recent Webinars

“The logic of the process was presented in a way that really makes sense. Sales is both an art and a science. I sometimes rely too much on my ‘art’ skills, but know that applying the ‘science’ of the sales process you provided will really lift my game!”

“This is the best webinar I have watched in a long time. Most are too high level and only share a few good points. This webinar provided useful and actionable content. Nice job!”

Upcoming Webinars

DEC 15 | Caring Stars Winner Webcast

For all Caring Stars 2021 winners: Learn how to make the most of this industry-leading reviews award for your sales and marketing. REGISTER NOW

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