Reporting move-ins each month is an integral part of your senior living referral partnership with To support you: sends reminder emails with quick links so you can let us know about move-ins — whether you’ve had 100 or none yet from the qualified leads we’ve sent you.

Our partners agree to complete monthly move-in reporting within five (5) business days after the end of each calendar month. makes it easy to report move-ins via our Partner Portal and the monthly email reminders.

How to Report Your Community’s Move-Ins in the Partner Portal
If you’re not already using’s Partner Portal, please get in touch with our Partner Success staff for help accessing this valuable pipeline management tool that helps you manage your referrals, report move-ins, and gain valuable market share insights.

Once you’ve logged into the Portal, click on the middle icon located above the word “Referrals”. Next, click the green “Report Move-Ins” button in the upper right hand corner of the page. From there, a pop-up window will appear with two buttons — one to “Report No Move-Ins” and one to “Report Move-Ins”. Select the one matched to your reporting that month, and proceed to follow the prompts.

Here is a brief video tutorial to take you through these steps and provide further detail on the options you’re presented and how to best report your move-in details:

There is also a “Move-in Reporting Guide” in the Partner Portal that’s accessible from the Move-in Reporting page (see upper right hand corner). This guide answers the most frequently-asked questions about the move-in reporting process.

Have questions of your own? Need assistance? We value your partnership and are here to help. Contact Partner Success now.

Article originally published May 12, 2017.

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