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73c33bf1-e5b3-56e2-afd8-ad79e6136b33 is driven by consumer choice. We never send a referral without getting permission from the family. So to get more leads from us, you need to make sure your community or agency really stands out.

Here are some ideas:

1.) Reviews: Actually, this should be numbers 1, 2, and 3. Senior living listings with any reviews (positive or negative) can get as many as 14X more leads than those with zero reviews. Reviews help with move-ins as well. For some of our referral partners: Community listings with 15 or more reviews have seen a five times higher conversion rate than similar communities with 1-2 reviews. And our home care directory is now sorted by review volume. Thus: Want more leads? Get more reviews.

2. Unique and Special: Our Family Advisors do their best to encourage consumers to visit your community. You can help them by sharing with us what really makes you special. Does your chef make chocolate chip cookies on Tuesday? Do you have a therapy dog? Are you across the street from the hospital? Too often partners tell us that “Our caring staff” is what makes them unique. But for a family deciding which of three local communities to tour, that is more like table stakes. Chocolate chip cookies would be a reason to visit.

3. Care Capabilities: Did you recently add memory care services? Or build a new independent living wing? An independent living community that allows residents to bring in their own caregivers might want to request that we send them people in need of “light care assisted living”. Make sure has all the levels of service that you can provide.

4. Home Care Agencies - Request More Leads: For home care partners who pay per lead rather than per start of care, if you want more leads all you need to do is contact your account executive and sign up to purchase more.

To get more clarity on how Caring screens and qualifies families for our partners, how we choose which community or agency to refer them to, and how you can help us improve the matches we make to improve conversion rates, contact Partner Success.