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Helping Care Homes Grow: One Owner’s Story of How Caring’s Digital Marketing Tools & Expertise Are Driving Her Success


Most senior living small business owners wear multiple hats in running their business. They’re often time caregivers, accountants, cooks, transporters, and even marketers. Wearing all of these hats can lead to burnout in the long run. This is exactly the case for Riza, the owner of In R Great Hands in Placentia, CA.

Before she began working with Caring.com, Riza ran all of her own marketing strategy by herself through different social media platforms. Between taking care of the seniors, running her business, and taking care of her family, Riza was left with little time for herself. Oftentimes, her seniors would chastise her to enjoy life and work less. “Our seniors constantly remind me that life is too short and that I shouldn’t stress over the small things”, said Riza.

With Riza primarily relying on the “old school” word of mouth and her own efforts to attract new residents, she began to look for new ways to continue to grow her business. Soon, she stumbled across Caring.com and began reading reviews and success stories from other care home partners. From there, she sought out her own partnership with Caring.

Her primary goals going into a partnership with a company like Caring were to spread the word, garnish great reviews, and to create a great partner relationship. Caring.com provided guidance on how to best present her business in an impactful way to potential residents and their family members by creating a strong listing that highlights all of the benefits of her care home.

A partnership with Caring.com is a tool to help set a business up for success by connecting them to the largest senior care and senior living seeking audience, digital marketing tools, potential resident referrals, and move-ins. Caring.com hosts consumer reviews for senior living communities and care homes on business listings, as well as gives these businesses access to a Partner Portal where they can easily send out requests for reviews to their happy customers and run review solicitation campaigns. Beyond that, Caring.com provides their partners with “Best Practices” guidelines to help guide them along the way. Fast forward a few months after joining Caring’s partner network: Riza has this to say to other care facilities, “Do it as soon as you can! I regret not doing it sooner”. In the last year, she has had over one hundred visitors to her care home’s profile in Caring’s directory, which she says is a large increase from her previous strategies.

And since she began her partnership with Caring.com, she’s noticed great quality referrals and achieved new resident move-ins — converting 7.5% of the leads Caring sent her care home in 2021 and achieving an average review rating of five stars! Riza loves how easy it is to talk to the Account Managers at Caring.com and says that she has learned so much about how best to make a name for her business.

“I learned so much from Caring including how to earn reviews and how to build my listing to attract new clients. It’s so important to spend the time and effort on the business page to put important information. You have to think about what makes you interesting, that’s what your future clients would care about!” -Riza, In R Great Hands

Overall, working with Caring.com has helped to ensure that Riza is able to focus on the things that matter, which are spending time with her residents, her family and making a positive impact on the lives of the seniors around her. She’s very thankful to Caring.com and that shows! Every time she receives a referral, Riza makes a point to reach back out to the Family Advisors and personally thank them for all that they’ve done for her business.

“I have no regrets placing my mother In R Great Hands-Montevideo. The staff is compassionate, warm and polite.” -davykady, 7/9/21

With a partnership like the one at Caring.com, Riza and other small businesses owners are able to thrive and work to grow their business. We all know that the work is never over when it comes to running a business. By utilizing the digital marketing tools and guidance available through a Caring partnership, care home owners have the support they need to more easily grow their business.

“I was confident from the moment I visited this facility that it would be the right place for her. This community is truly a blessing.” -maze9101, 10/14/21

*** Results can vary by account and location. Please contact an account executive to learn more about the opportunities for your area: sales@caring.com or (855) 897-2433.