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Home Care Agency Search: Results Ranking for Reviews


As we’ve covered in our Digital Marketing Academy and in prior posts on this blog: Online consumer reviews are making a significant impact in the senior care industry.

When a family caregiver goes online to find a home care agency for aging parent(s), reviews from other consumers help to narrow local agency options, give insights about what’s working (and not working) for other clients, and build awareness of one agency’s overall reputation over another.

Recognizing the importance of this online word-of-mouth in helping family caregivers and older adults find the right agency for their needs, we’re now using consumer reviews to prioritize listings in search results for our home care directory. Partner listings with the most reviews and best ratings will now rank highest.

For example, when an adult daughter visits and searches for home care agencies in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at the top of the list she’s shown are the partner listings with the most reviews. If two partners have the same number of reviews, we’ll secondarily sort by overall average rating across all of their reviews. (The reviews sort will also apply for the home care agencies not yet signed up for screened leads from us — however, their listings will still be further down the list.)

This is yet one more reason to make consumer reviews among your top digital marketing (and content marketing) strategies.

Need to get up-to-speed on reviews best practices, the specific monetary value they’re adding for senior care businesses, and how to optimize your online reputation? We covered all of these topics and more in a recent webinar, “The Value of Consumer Reviews: How to Harness this Senior Care Opportunity.” We also offer tips for responding to negative feedback.

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