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In-Home Care: Analyzing the Impact of Highly Satisfied Clients


Walt Disney once said, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”

If you’ve visited Disney World or Disneyland, you can witness the realization of the exceptional experience Walt Disney envisioned; the attention to detail is unrivaled among theme parks. Though running a successful home care business is no trip to Disneyland, like the world-famous theme park, it’s the behind-the-scenes preparations and coordination that enable an exceptional client experience.

A world-class customer experience also requires that you have a solid understanding of your clients, their needs, and their satisfaction with your services. Do you know if your clients are highly satisfied?

The Impact of Happy Clients on Revenue

In a survey conducted by InfoQuest, the results showed that when customers are “totally satisfied,” they contribute 2.6 times as much revenue to a company compared to customers who are only “somewhat satisfied.” When compared to “somewhat dissatisfied” customers, the “totally satisfied” contribute a shocking 14 times more revenue.

Are you taking the necessary steps to ensure your clients are totally satisfied? It’s critical that you have a method for measuring satisfaction and gathering feedback so you know exactly where you fall short of providing an exceptional experience.

At Home Care Pulse, we specialize in gathering all types of satisfaction scores and feedback for home care businesses and performance benchmarks for the home care industry as a whole. Analysis of this data, published in the 2016 Home Care Benchmarking Study, also confirms the impact satisfied clients have on revenue. In 2015, home care businesses with clients who averaged at least 14 months of service earned a median annual revenue of $2,100,000—nearly $850,000 more than businesses with clients who stay for 1-13 months. Happy clients stay longer and have a dramatic impact on revenue.

Earning Referrals from Your Happiest Clients

Happy clients don’t just stay longer. They are also more likely to provide you with referrals.

Businesses with clients as their top referral source see revenue that’s 23% higher according to data from the 2016 Home Care Benchmarking Study. When you receive referrals from happy clients, they will already have a certain level of trust inherited from your existing client. This trust helps you set off on the right foot and ultimately leads to increased revenues.

But referrals won’t usually come your way on their own. You need to ask for referrals, and not only that, you also need to ask for referrals from the right clients.

Leveraging Your “Promoters” for Referrals

We encourage those involved in the Home Care Pulse Satisfaction Management Program to utilize their monthly reports to identify and reach out to “promoters.” These are clients who respond with a score of nine or ten when asked the question, “How likely are you to recommend services from this home care business?”

However you decide who you’ll ask for referrals, be sure to do it often. If you are dedicated to providing a great experience for your clients, you’ll give them all the more reason to talk more about how happy they are, and you’ll earn more referrals. When we look at the data collected hundreds of thousands of satisfaction interviews performed with clients across North America, we found that for 82% of clients, their business was earned by recommendations from others and the businesses overall reputation.

Your track record for providing top-notch care to your clients can be one of your greatest assets for marketing your home care business. Do you have the necessary systems in place along with a strategy for making sure your clients are satisfied with the care they are receiving?

Provide an Exceptional Experience

The private duty home care market continues to grow year after year, and with continued growth comes increased competition. The importance of providing an exceptional client experience can’t be understated. Be assured that there are no shortcuts and that each aspect of your client experience must be built and perfected piece by piece over time.

Also, remember that it’s unrealistic to expect that you’ll keep your entire client base totally satisfied. Even great companies have some unhappy customers. What matters is their dedication to exceptional service.

For each successful caregiver shift completed there will be efforts and coordination your clients may never be aware of behind the scenes. Though these efforts may go unseen or unrecognized directly, you’ll be able to reap the rewards of happy clients and they might even bring their friends.

***About The Author: Erik MadsenBefore joining Home Care Pulse as chief operations officer, Erik spent 18 years working with a global consumer products company covering sales, marketing, customer support, and operations. He joined Home Care Pulse after a friend told him that it was a fast company focused on serving people. Erik has a master’s degree in business management from Idaho State University, and he loves using his knowledge and experience to help others succeed and organize chaos into functioning systems and processes. Outside of the office, Erik enjoys spending time with his wife and children, coaching youth sports, hiking, and gardening.


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