With Caring.com’s Partner Portal, you can quickly and easily ensure we have the most accurate rate information for your senior living community(ies). Current and accurate rate information is the key to enabling our Family Advisors to identify financially appropriate referrals for you.

Whether you’re a new Caring.com partner, or have been getting leads from us for years, we understand that your senior living community rates may change periodically. We want our family advisors to have the most up-to-date rate information when speaking to families researching their senior living options — to help us match the right prospects for your community.

How to Update Your Community’s Rates in the Partner Portal:

If you’re not already using the Partner Portal, please get in touch with our Partner Success staff for help accessing this valuable tool to track your leads and move-ins, and manage your referral account with us.

Once you’ve logged in, it takes only a few clicks to input revised rates for one or more of your senior living communities. Enter the “Community Profiles” section, select the community you’re confirming or updating rates for, then read or edit the existing rate info on file for that community, and click save. That’s it.

Our team will then review the rate information you submitted, let you know if we have questions, and publish the info to our family advisor database and/or your public listing on Caring.com (for example: minimum costs appear on the public listing, while average costs appear only for our family advisors). Please allow 24-48 hours for processing of rate changes.

Here’s a 3-minute video that takes you step by step through the Portal to update your rates on file with Caring.com:

As discussed in the video, there are three rate areas we like to know about:

  • Minimum rent (single occupancy) — This is a required field because the majority of inquiries we receive for senior living are for private, single occupancy rooms or apartments.
  • Average cost (rent + care) — This helps give our family advisors a more well-rounded view of the range of rate and care costs at your community.
  • Minimum Memory Care Cost (shared occupancy) — If your community offers memory care, please let us know the minimum care cost for shared occupancy rooms (the most common request we get for this type of care).

Once the new rates are entered, be sure to click “save”. A date stamp will be placed on the update, to help you track the last time you or others on your team notified Caring.com of any rate changes at your community.

Remember: the more accurate and timely the information we have about your rates, the better we are able to financially qualify prospective resident referrals for your community.

Have questions, suggestions or feedback for us? We’d love to hear from you! Contact Partner Success now.

Article originally published Mar 29, 2017.

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