How are you currently keeping track of the screened leads sends you?

Are they sitting in your email inbox, or a file folder of those emails printed on paper? Re-typing them all into a spreadsheet? In a text message archive on your smartphone? Or are you not really keeping track yet?

We know that as an in-home care agency owner and/or business manager, you’re juggling a lot. We understand you don’t always have a lot of time to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of your daily work to analyze your online lead volume and how well it’s positively impacting your bottom line. This may especially ring true for those running or managing small businesses without a large marketing team or digital agency to do the tracking, reporting, and analysis for you.

With the needs of our in-home care agency partners in mind: we’ve created and launched a simple new online tool to help you more efficiently and effectively keep track of all of the referrals we’re sending to your agency — and self-serve to adjust your lead volume as you wish.

With MyPortal for Home Care Agencies, our partners can:

  • See and set statuses on all of the lead referrals from
  • Adjust the agency’s lead volume to get more (or less) leads from Caring per month
  • Search the lead archive by name, email, or zip code to follow up with specific prospective clients
  • Download the information into a CSV file as needed
  • And more!

It’s free, easy-to-use, and all at your fingertips from anywhere you can access the Internet (and mobile-friendly too).

Here’s a sample or sneak peek at the referral list feature:

Ready to get started in using this tool for your agency?
Contact your account executive or email our MyPortal manager for an invitation. Also, if you already receive screened in-home care leads from us, you can go to, click the “forgot password” link, and then set a password to gain access.

“I wanted to use the portal for reporting and analysis of the referral program with Caring, and it is exactly what I needed. The basic lead numbers and statuses are what I was looking for, and those are in there. I was also able to go back in time and see previous data from prior to the portal being available, which was really helpful.”

Rick Ferrante, President

Home Care Services Santa Clarita

Denise Graab

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