When families search for senior living in your area and are narrowing their options, they have a variety of questions about your community that may or may not be currently answered on your Caring.com listing.

  • What is your community’s staff-to-resident ratio during the daytime hours?
  • What is the average age of your current residents?
  • Are there shopping and/or medical facilities within safe walking distance of your community?

And those are just a few examples of the common questions senior care searchers have. Previously you had to anticipate these questions and include answers in a narrative woven into the business description on your Caring.com listing. We changed that to help our partner communities better differentiate themselves, and to help senior care searchers online quickly access information they most care about in selecting a senior living community.

Using our Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) Module launched in November 2017, and accessible via the Partner Portal, providers can now augment and manage their Caring.com listing(s) to include personalized and customized information about their communities. Leveraging our extensive experience supporting senior care searchers online, Caring.com editors have compiled some of the most common questions family caregivers and older adults ask when considering senior living communities, and we’ve categorized them for three care types: independent living, assisted living, memory care.

Partners may log into their Partner Portal account (and with “edit access” to the Portal) to select and respond to any or all of the questions we’ve compiled. We’ll read the answers and then publish them in a Q&A section on the community’s listing(s) — to make it easier for both families in need of senior living for elder loved ones, as well as our senior living community partners who can meet those needs.

The new Q&A section will only appear on the Caring.com listings for the communities who have used FAQ module in the Partner Portal to answer families’ common questions — which will further help these communities compete in attracting inquiries and being among those communities the family and/or older adult chooses to tour. Your community’s answers to the questions can help shape in the senior living searcher’s mind what makes your community most worthy of a tour — including both basic facts and the unique attributes about your community.

Inside Partner Portal, the FAQ module will be conveniently located on the same page you update listing photos, rates, and other listing details. Should you need assistance gaining access to Partner Portal and using the feature, our Partner Success team is available to help as needed.

This article was originally published on Oct 27, 2017.

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