faster-stronger“My dad was up to going with us for the tour and was open minded about the idea of assisted living. The facility and staff seemed very nice and answered our questions. [Community A] was nice because it was close to his doctor’s, family and friends. He like the setting and felt comfortable because he was familiar with the area.”

Here at, we get notes like these from consumers on a regular basis. First impressions, feelings of doubt, and decisions pour into our call center every day as adult children and seniors search for the right senior community in the right area.

As you already know, it’s tough to get consumers on the phone. At, we’ve optimized our call center to call consumers within just one minute of their submitted request for information online so that we can increase the chance of reaching them. So once we get them on the phone, we vet that they’re a viable prospect, make the connection with your community, and try really hard to get them to your front door by scheduling a tour then and there.

The good news: New 2014 data from suggests all this hard work is worth it.

Tours drive more move-ins at a faster pace

3.5x more likely = Online referrals with tours are 3.5x more likely to move-in to a community than online referrals without tours. That’s not one, not two, but three and a half times better chance for a prospect to move in once they’ve seen and met the staff and community in person.

25% faster = Online referrals who had a tour scheduled moved in 25% faster than those without a tour scheduled — about 2 weeks faster than referrals without tours.

Who’s a viable prospect (aka “referral”)?

In January 2015, got over 55,000 online inquiries from consumers looking for senior housing. We screened out approximately 80% of these inquiries (e.g. customers who are not viable based on budget, age, care needs or individuals not seeking senior care services) before sending them to our partners, so that you can focus on customers who are a viable match for your community.

What can you do to get more tours?

What’s unique about your community? What amenities do you have? Are you paying attention to your star ratings? Here are 5 ways to help make your directory listing attract great prospects.

Bottom line: The more updated information you include on your listing, the better we can describe your community to prospects. If you haven’t already, tell us your community details here. We’ll enhance your listing with any new information.

Customers vary: Get in touch quickly, and meet in person.

Whether a prospect is ready to move-in right away, or just browsing their options, it’s very important to let your community shine for each family with an in-person tour. Here are a few real examples of customers who have corresponded with us before making a decision about senior housing.

I’m still looking at my options, where else should I look?
“Remember, this search is all proactive as I am not ready to make the move yet. And of course there is also the possibility that I will stay where I am, since I haven’t seen anything better yet, just different. I am just doing due diligence. I am looking for up scale, great food & environment. Any other possibilities?”

We got a terrible first impression.
“You know what, it was a lovely place. However, the sales rep. was obnoxious … I found [] very helpful and it is too bad that we got such a self-serving and poor sales person. I do not intend to ever speak to this woman again. Someone needs to tell this lady that you always listen to and HEAR your customer. Your aim should be to always work toward meeting the needs of your customer first and foremost. That is how you make a sale.”

I’m ready to move-in. I’m tired of all the responsibility of running a home.
“My son and I went today to tour and had lunch. I was so impressed with it compared to [Community B] … I saw the big one-bedroom, the normal size one bedroom, and the one-bedroom. I think that is all I need because I have a small two story and I live in the bottom and absolutely do not go upstairs at all … I think I would really like living there because I am tired of all the responsibility of running a home. That would be ideal.”

Learn more about the online referrals process and how to improve close ratios for Internet referrals. Or get in touch with a Membership Advisor to see how your community can partner with’s referral services: (866) 824-9209

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