With the new year, there’s renewed opportunity for setting goals and making this year even better than the last one. Folks commonly aim to be healthier (such as “lose weight” or “exercise more”), do more in their lives, see more of the world they live in, and otherwise have a more full-filled life. Group of senior women exercising in a health clubThis month your senior care organization’s content can take this theme of “resolutions” and make it very relevant for older adults and family caregivers in your area — including how your senior care organization can play a role in supporting them in their keeping their resolutions.

Content Tips for Any Senior Care Company

  • You can create a blog post, newsletter article, or social media update with some resolutions for older adults or for family caregivers or for both. You could compile these from various expert sources (such as using the suggestions in the resource links below), or you could source them directly from the seniors and family members you already serve (what’s on their list this year?).
  • Help those you serve with keeping their resolutions. Create a list of supportive resources, tools, products and services that make it much easier on them to be healthier, exercise more, sleep more, relax more, travel more, etc. You might even make this a weekly series, with a theme each week (such as “how to keep exercise resolutions” in week 1, “10 low-cost local adventures for seniors” in week 2, and “5 ways to eat healthier this year” in week 3, etc.).
  • Interview a geriatric care manager, social worker, and/or geriatric psychologist to compile their perspectives about older adults and resolutions, including their tips for helping older adults who want to make and keep resolutions.
  • Consider your senior care organization’s “resolutions” for the new year. This could be new things you’re going to try this year in your senior care business (and how you’ll go about achieving those goals), or it could be a way to discuss your organization’s existing mission and the ways you’re going to focus and deliver on those promises this year.

Content Tips for Senior Living Communities

  • Consider doing this year-long activity with your residents: create a “kindness jar”, “good things jar” or “resolutions jar.” Get a large jar (or fish bowl) and start filling it with at least one positive or good thing that happens each week, or one or two accomplishments from each week or month. Then open that container on New Year’s Eve at the end of the year and read all of those notes of goodness as a way to cap off the year, and remember just how much was achieved and appreciated that year — whether among the initial resolutions or not. Or consider other New Years Resolutions activities you can do with your residents to mark the occasion and hit on the theme in a fun way.
  • Have any new exercise classes or healthy menu items? Share that news with the angle of helping your residents meet their new year resolutions. Or do a reminder feature on the existing exercise and healthy eating options you offer in your senior living community.

Content Tips for Home Care Agencies

  • Your agency can play a big role in helping family caregivers with their resolution for more self care. In fact, January is also “Self-Love Month” so you might consider doing coverage focused on family caregiver respite and well being through more self care.
  • How do you help your older adult clients with their new year resolutions? Are your in-home caregivers helping to prepare healthy meals? Taking your clients on safe walks? Helping to clear away clutter and keep the house cleaner? Consider compiling a list of ways you help older adults with their resolutions and include anecdotes, stories and/or quotes from real people you’ve helped.

Caring Resource to Support this Spark

Additional Resources to Support this Spark

  • Find out what local resources are in your community to help seniors in your care be more active and/or exercise more. For example, does your city’s recreation office offer Zumba for seniors, like the City of Sacramento offers for its older residents? Is there walking club for seniors, like Walking Buddies in Walnut Creek, CA? Or, focus on the “healthy eating” resolution and find local organizations helping seniors with that resolution. Use search engines using your city/state and the specific resolution you’re focusing upon (such as “Denver, Colorado senior walking clubs” or “Detroit Michigan senior zumba” etc.).

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Denise Graab

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