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Digital Marketing Academy: Get Insights and Best Practices for Optimal Business Results


SEO, ROI, SEM, WOM — are you drowning in the sea of digital marketing acronyms? Know the difference between “unscreened leads,” “Internet referrals,” and “screened leads”? How much do you know about the pros and cons of “pay per lead” versus “cost per acquisition”?

Within the rapidly evolving and fast-growing realm of digital marketing and Internet referral, it’s easy for senior care industry professionals to feel confused and overwhelmed, and, as a result, stick with their comfortable status quo, especially if they have 90% occupancy rates and think that’s just fine. Unfortunately, though, that’s not the wisest strategy in meeting the demands of today’s consumers of senior living and eldercare services.

The “new adult daughter” is online in greater numbers than ever before (and so increasingly are her parents). She’s using the Internet to research, select, and stay connected to the senior living communities, in-home care agencies, and other senior care providers assisting in the care of her mom and dad (and, in some cases, her spouse, aunts, uncles, or grandparents). And she’s using social media to spread the word about her own and her loved ones’ experiences with those service providers — feedback or word of mouth that reaches her friends and family members locally and across the country, as well as strangers reading her online review(s) too.

To help our industry’s sales and marketing executives understand these societal shifts and then grasp and harness digital marketing for optimal business results, formally launched and expanded our Digital Marketing Academy in 2014. Now a go-to source for valuable information and educational resources, the award-winning Digital Marketing Academy includes:

  • Public webcasts


    covering pressing industry topics and featuring leading experts, compelling data, and actionable takeaways — free of charge.

  • Sales & Marketing blog


    with periodic posts supporting executives at senior living communities and home care agencies listed on and/or partnered with

  • Original research


    culling insights from millions of family caregivers and older adults nationwide, whether through’s long-standing methodologies or in partnership with other research specialists, like Princeton Survey Research Associates International.

Any professional in the senior living and eldercare industry can access and benefit from the Digital Marketing Academy resources — this learning is not limited to those who partner with us. To get started: sign up for our e-newsletter or register for the latest webcast.

Some of the feedback we’ve received about the Digital Marketing Academy:

  • “Thank you for the wonderful webinar presentation. I believe that was the best-presented and most informative webinar I have been a part of. It was short, concise, and to the point. Kept my attention and I found the content to be useful!”

  • “Thank you for your presentation. It was spot-on.”

  • “This is extremely helpful. Thanks so much!!!”

  • “The training is very valuable but it also is something that many of us can use toward our training hours. I appreciate it and everything you do.”

  • “Thanks so much for the great session yesterday — very informative. Nice work.”

  • “I thought it was great. The fact that you had other providers sharing their insights was productive for me for sure. I’ll attend others as well when you have them.”

It’s not too late for your team to start benefiting from the Digital Marketing Academy as well. Peruse this blog for recaps of past webcasts and featured digital marketing articles. Come to the next event — whether an online webcast or one of our in-person sessions. Or suggest a topic we should cover. Thanks!