has one of the most-visited senior living directories on the web, helping hundreds of thousands of family caregivers and older adults every month research senior living communities in cities, states and zip codes across the United States.

To make their search easier and better showcase our senior living community partners, we’ve recently redesigned community listings in our senior living directory — with a more modern design, new features, and more centralized information about each community.

The biggest improvement was the consolidation of service/care categories into a single listing for each community location. Previously, a senior living community at one address could have more than one listing on one for each care/service type, such as 1 for independent living, 1 for assisted living, 1 for memory care, 1 for skilled nursing, etc. Reviews about their assisted living services would be on the assisted living listing, reviews about independent living would be on the independent living listing, and so on.

Now, we showcase a senior living community’s services and customer feedback on a single listing — with information and reviews about all of the care types offered at that location. This means that there will be only one listing on for a senior living community to claim and manage — and for prospective customers to visit to read about that senior living community and their offering.

The senior living community still appears in directory search results for each care type they offer, and the rankings haven’t changed. Caring’s partners are still listed highest, and there are still consumer-driven filters for sorting the results.

For instance, when a senior living community offers assisted living and includes that service on their listing: They still appear in search results when a prospective resident or their family member searches for local assisted living communities, as well as any other care type categories that apply. The senior living community appears in all relevant search results for all care types/services noted on their account and listing. And those communities partnered with us are listed first.

A few additional improvements we made to community listings:

  • Since each listing now has a lot more information in one place: We’ve added quick links at the top of the community’s listing to take the senior living searcher to each section of the listing — from photos to reviews to amenities and more.
  • The move-in “special offer” call-out has been moved to the top of the listing (above the photo, and below the community name) — to better promote those deals and entice families considering that community. If your community currently has a move-in special offer, be sure to add that in Partner Portal to have it appear on your listing.
  • Each listing’s reviews collection is now organized into sections for each care type. This only applies to communities offering multiple types of care at a single location, and is designed to help the prospective resident and their family members go straight to the service feedback that matters most to their immediate need.
  • We’ve also incorporated visual icons to guide the senior care searcher online to learn about costs, schedule a tour, or explore payment options.

Search the directory now to see how your listing looks:

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We also welcome your feedback about the improvements we’ve made, and ideas you have for how we can be an even better partner to senior living communities. Please get in touch with me!

Denise Graab

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