Any senior living community listed on can receive senior care reviews from their cognitively-healthy residents and residents’ family members. These consumer reviews can be positive, negative, or in-between, and are published (or removed) based on the Review Guidelines.

Through years of research and multiple customer case studies, we have found that senior living communities with 15+ reviews on their listings dramatically boost their volume of prospective resident inquiries, community tours, and new resident move-ins compared to those with only 1-2 reviews or no reviews. And for those who earn the coveted Caring Stars award for service excellence based on reviews: they see double the inquiries and move-ins than our partners without the award!

Given how important these customer reviews are: we’re often asked by senior living communities how they can build their collection of great reviews on our site. This blog post summarizes those ways.

    How Any Community Listed on can Get Reviews:

    • Dedicated review submission form — Every listing in the directory has a unique link for cognitively-healthy residents and their family members to submit their feedback about a senior living community’s eldercare services. This custom link is accessible for the senior living community to share with its customers via the “Write a Review” button near the top of the reviews section on the listing. Consumer reviews submitted via that online form are typically processed within three (3) business days, so it’s the fastest, easiest way for the agency to get new reviews, particularly with more older adults and their adult children online nowadays than ever before.
      • More Review Options for Caring’s Partners:

        • Partner Portal reviews campaign(s) — We make it easy for our partners to send requests for reviews to their happy customers, with a step-by-step, simple-to-use review request wizard in Partner Portal. See how now.
          • Phone review program — Senior living communities partnered with can send us the names and telephone numbers of cognitively-healthy residents and their family members (with their explicit consent for sharing that info with and we’ll call them for their reviews. Note: This option can take longer than online submissions, given extra steps involved (from reaching the reviewer by phone, to transcribing the review from the recording phone call, as well as uploading and processing the review against the guidelines). It’s a good option though for folks who aren’t comfortable online yet.
              • How to Respond to the Reviews Your Community Receives:

                • All senior living communities with reviews on their listing can publish a response — for both positive and negative reviews — and listed businesses also have the option to request removal of the review if there are fact errors or guidelines concerns.
                  • Our partners will receive a New Review Alert emailed to their inbox the instant any new reviews are published on their listing. Those alerts include convenient quick links to publish a response or contest the review, and by using the alerts, the message reaches our highest priority processing queue. Updates for who on your team receives the alerts can be made in Partner Portal. (Please contact if you need help with Partner Portal.)
                    • Have questions about online reviews? Our reviews team can be reached by email or phone: or (650) 762-8190. We also have an entire section of this blog dedicated to information about the reviews program — please do check out the best practices and case studies we’ve showcased in the Reviews Info center.

                      Denise Graab

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