Call it spring cleaning or a brand analysis, but when was the last time you did a thorough social media audit for your senior living community or home care agency?

Social media can be a fantastic marketing tool to reach those interested in your services – Woman using social media on phone and computer
but you may be missing out on opportunities to really attract and engage your target audience by letting some social media tactics slide to the wayside.

By ensuring your website and social media profiles are updated with as many specifics as possible, you’ll increase your ability to draw in more people. And your business needs to be on social media regularly, establishing a connection and building engagement with your brand – in addition to establishing a firm reputation with proven expertise in the field, including addressing reviews.

You can certainly hire an expert to conduct a social media audit and make customized recommendations based on your goals and your blind spots. However, simple awareness is the first step to be able to make a change.

We’ve prepared a points-based quiz you can follow to self-evaluate where your business is thriving in the social media landscape – and where it’s barely surviving.

Are you an “A” student or is there room for improvement? Get out your pen and paper, and let’s get tallying!

Your Social Media Audit:

1. Social Networks

  • Do you have a company blog? (+3 points)
  • Do you have a clear presence on Facebook? (+2 points)
  • On Twitter? (+1 point)
  • On Instagram? (+1 point)
  • Do you have a LinkedIn Company Page (+1 point)
  • Do you have multiple Facebook pages, Twitter handles, Instagram profiles or LinkedIn company pages for a single location? (Deduct 5 points)
  • Does your leadership team all have up-to-date LinkedIn profiles correctly connected to the Company LinkedIn page? (+3 points)
  • Do you have active and up-to-date location profiles on industry review sites (such as on
  • Yes, on ALL the sites (+3 points)
    Yes, on MOST of the sites (+1 point)
    No, we do not/unknown at this time (0 points)

    Calculate your tally for this section.

    2. Content Creation and Curation

  • Are you writing custom blogs? (+2 points) (Be honest…no points for generic “filler” blog copy)
  • Is social media content for all of your individual locations the exact same as corporate? (If yes, deduct 3 points)
  • Are you using video content on social media? (+3 points)
  • Are you doing paid social media ads or sponsored posts (particularly on Facebook)? (+2 points)
  • Are you telling stories, sharing content that makes people smile, and/or focusing on content that helps people? (+3 points)
  • Are more than 50% of your social media posts about your company and its news? Is your social media content too focused on selling your services and promoting your business? (deduct 2 points)
  • True or False: I LOVE our brand’s social media content. (If true, add 2 points; if false, add 0 points)

    Calculate your tally for this section.

    3. Community Building / Social Networking

  • Do you “like” and/or reply to audience comments on your social media posts? (+2 points)
  • Do you field and respond to inquiries via Facebook messenger? (+2 points)
  • Do you field inquiries regularly via Instagram DM? (+1 point)
  • Do you use automated messenger bots/autoresponders? (+1 point) (Note: These should only offer an immediate acknowledgement, not substitute further communication and interaction.)
  • Does your brand “like” posts/comment/proactively interact with brands/partners/industry leaders in social media? (If yes, +3 points; if no, add 0 points)
  • Has your brand received media/podcast/speaking inquiries from social media? (If yes, +3 points; if no, add 0 points)

    Calculate your tally for this section.

    4. Online Reviews / Online Reputation Management

  • Do you know your overall average rating on the top review sites? (+1 point)
  • Have you used online reviews as part of your social media content? (+2 points)
  • Do you put regular/ongoing focus on generating customer reviews? (If yes, add 2 points; if no, add 0 points)
  • Are the teams of your individual locations regularly made aware of social media reviews left about them (the positive and the negative)? (If yes, add 1 point; if no, add 0 points)
  • Is your online reputation so stellar that you’ve earned the Caring Stars award? (+1 point)
  • Has your company responded to online reviews?
  • ALL (+3 points)
    MOST (+1 point)
    NONE (0 points)

    Calculate your tally for this section.

    5. Metrics

  • Do you know how many impressions, engagements and link clicks are generated from your social media content? If yes, add 2 points; if no, add 0 points.
  • True or False: “We have recently analyzed the topics and formats of content that get the best results.” If true, add 2 points; if false, add 0 points.
  • True or False: “We have recently studied our social media audience demographics.” If true, add 2 points; if false, add 0 points.
  • Do you know which social media (Facebook? Reviews? Your blog?) is driving the best or most business results for your organization? If yes, add 2 points; if no, add 0 points.
  • Calculate your tally for this section. Then add together the total from all sections to see how you scored below.


    45 and above: “Grade A status”
    If you scored 45 or above, then congrats! Your social media awareness is on point and your community or agency is doing some important activity to connect with your target audiences.

    15-44: “Not losing, but not winning”
    If your score is 15-44, you have checked some important social media boxes – but you can start implementing some new strategies to increase engagement and expand your reach.

    14 and below: “Room for Improvement”
    If you scored 14 or below, it’s time to start harnessing all that social media offers and start using more of the aspects mentioned above in order to see more benefits.

    The Good News

    By conducting a social media audit, you’re able to see the specific areas you can use a boost – and you have a checklist that you can implement and get started updating right away! Social media can benefit you greatly – just keep on engaging with your audiences in all the areas mentioned above.

    I’ll dive deeper into using content in social media to drive business results in two upcoming webinars for Caring’s Digital Marketing Academy, presented by Hay There Social Media:

  • Content Marketing that Moves Inquiries to Customers
  • The Importance of Visual Content & How to Do It Well

    The Hay There Social Media blog also has social media how-tos you can use.

    Emily A. Hay

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