When you think of your sales team, the front receptionist answering the phones is most likely not the first individual that comes to mind. But the reality is that all inquiry calls are a vital part of a home care agency’s sales process.

In today’s fast paced world where decisions are made based on Google searches and Internet reviews, any call is critically impactful to the final decision — whether a family member is calling to inquire about your services, or you are making an outbound call in response to a lead. You can make or break a sale in a matter of minutes based on how a call flows and what the individual you are talking to feels as a result of the conversation.

We like to think that being friendly and helpful is enough – we answer questions as they are asked and allow the potential customer to set the tone and flow of the conversation. But this lack of deliberate sales strategy makes for lackluster results.

Wise agencies know that all staff should be trained on how to handle inquiry calls with the use of consistent scripting. The use of well developed scripts that are employed by everyone who picks up the phone provides:

Brand cohesion – Your agency has a message that you trying to portray in all you say and do. Each time a person interacts with your agency, he or she should get an accurate sense of who you are and what you stand for. If all staff members greet callers, describe services and answer objections differently, your branding is confused, diluted, or worse case, not recognized at all.

Empowerment of staff – When staff members don’t feel confident and equipped to answer people’s questions on the phone, they either don’t come across as helpful, friendly and professional, or they take matters into their own hands and wing it – most likely providing inaccurate information and possible confusion. Instructing staff to refer calls to more equipped personnel or forwarding to voicemail can also backfire in today’s want-it-now culture where a caller may be more inclined to move on to the next agency as opposed to waiting to hear back from you.

Demonstration of expertise – Many people looking for home care services have very little information and don’t know enough about the industry to ask the right questions. A well scripted call provides you the opportunity to showcase your agency’s strengths, lead a caller into productive next steps and truly help the person to make well informed decisions for the care of his or her loved one.

Higher close rates – When you have a defined process in place and have properly trained staff to use the process with every inquiry call, your inquiry conversion rate will improve. And who doesn’t want that?

As corecubed’s home care sales and operations coach, I’ve developed a five-step sales process for sales scripting that can transform your inquiry calls and empower your staff. I offer both customized training as well as two-hour, single session home care sales classes that provide participants with actionable steps to put into practice right away. So what are you waiting for? Let us help you equip your staff with winning words that produce results.

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